Bilingual project

We offer a bilingual education for our students to be competent in today’s globalized world.

Personalized and integral education

We prepare our students to fully develop their skills in every aspect of their lives.

Women as leaders

We foster leadership qualities in our students.

Social consciousness

We encourage the development of a spirit of solidarity and the goal to have a positive impact on society.

Environmental awareness

We prepare our students to act consciously and responsibly towards the protection of the environment.

Current news

6 December

Congratulations Class of 2018!!

On November 24th, in a ceremony filled with emotions, the 51st class of San Patricio School graduated. Fifteen students received from the hands of our Principal, Paulina Encinales de Sanjinés, the Diploma that certifies them as high school graduates.

27 November

San Patricio, among the best 50 schools in Colombia

Dinero magazine published the list of the best schools in Colombia, a ranking that has been published for 13 years to measure the schools according to the results of the Saber 11 Tests. This year the San Patricio School ranked 47th among more than 12,000 calendar A and B schools.

27 November

Dare to dream!

María Isabel Murillo, or Misi, as all Colombians knew her, was part San Patricio School Class of 1973. At school she excelled for her leadership, creative spirit and musical vocation. Misi is a leader in the field of music production in Colombia and is also an example for San Patricio students: for her leadership, discipline, creativity and dedication

Events and Activities

Social Networks

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4 weeks ago
Somos un colegio femenino, bilingüe calendario A. Empoderamos a nuestras estudiantes como mujeres líderes transformadoras. Admisiones abiertas 2020. Conozca nuestro proyecto educativo agende su cita PBX: 6838640 Ext. 137 colsanpatricio photo
1 month ago
Ayer dimos inicio a la VI Copa San Patricio, felicitaciones a los ganadores de esta primera jornada. #ColegiodeSanPatricio #CopaSanPatricio colsanpatricio photo
1 month ago
Hoy damos inicio a nuestra VI Copa San Patricio. Un espacio intercolegiado en donde motivamos la práctica deportiva en Voleibol, Baloncesto, Fútbol 5 y Gimnasia, promoviendo la sana competencia, el fair play y el trabajo en equipo. #ColegiodeSanPatricio #CopaSanPatricio colsanpatricio photo
1 month ago
Estos fueron algunos de los mejores momentos de nuestro 2do. Ascenso San Patricio 60 años en Familia. #ColegiodeSanPatricio #SanPatricioenMovimiento
1 month ago
Hoy tenemos nuestra 2da Carrera Atlética Ascenso San Patricio, un espacio para celebrar en familia nuestros 60 años. ¡Los esperamos!
#ColegiodeSanPatricio #60añosColegiodeSanPatricio
colsanpatricio photo
1 month ago
Continuamos celebrando el Bicentenario. Hoy los esperamos a las 2:15 p.m. en nuestro Facebook Live sobre justicia y medios de comunicación con Camila Zuluaga. @zuluagacamila colsanpatricio photo